Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

5 Days


Developing a mobile application for just one platform is becoming a thing of the past. Companies expect their apps to be supported on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, while leveraging the best native features on all three platforms. Xamarin's tools help ease this problem by giving developers a single toolset to target all three platforms. The main goal of this course is to equip you with knowledge to successfully analyze, develop, and manage Xamarin cross-platform projects using the most efficient, robust, and scalable implementation patterns.

Requisitos previos

Para lograr el máximo aprovechamiento del curso, los alumnos necesitan:

  • Conocimientos de la programación orientada a objetos
  •  Conocimientos en C#, XAML y Visual Studio

A quien va dirigido

Mobile application developers wanting to develop skills required to steer cross-platform applications using Xamarin.


  • Share C# code across platforms and call native Objective-C or Java libraries from C#
  • Submit your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Use the out-of-the-box services to support third-party libraries
  • Find out how to get feedback while your application is used by your users
  • Create shared data access using a local SQLite database and a REST service
  • Test and monitor your applications
  • Gain memory management skills to avoid memory leaks and premature code cycles while decreasing the memory print of your applications
  • Integrate network resources with cross-platform applications
  • Design and implement eye-catching and reusable UI components without compromising on nativity in mobile applications.


Xamarin: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

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-Xamarin: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development



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